52 Frames April 2024

May 9, 2024 | Photography | 0 comments

Week 13: Minimalism

“ The old man and the sea ”
All I want is a quiet spot at the sea to just be.

Week 14: Background

We needed to focus on the background this week.  One morning I looked out and saw the most wonderful clouds.  I liked the background but was not really happy with the foreground of apartment blocks. I took a photo of a lake I had taken years before and fitted the two together.

Week 15: Technology

Technology is coffee in the morning, delivered from freshly ground beans with water at just the right temperature. It enhances the mornings and gets me going.

Week 16: Anthropomorphism

This week we had to look for something non-human that seemed to show off human traits or emotions.
Oooooh ….
Meet my my always surprised temperature sensor.

Week 17: Leading lines

Everything leads to the sea in a coastal town.

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