52 Frames June 2024

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Week 22: Shoot with a phone

“ Dunes of Flanders ”
Our council built a lookout platform at the edge of town. You can see both the sea and the dune reserve. Great place to walk to.
PS: most of my photos this year are taken with my phone.

Week 23: Line from a song

I saw a beautiful sunset on the sea and connected it with the song by Gencry.
…I found you in a cup of tea, In every sunset on the sea And love will come or it will go…

Week 24: Abstract

“ Here comes the rain again ”
Although it is not ‘Line from a song’ week, this was the feeling I had all week. I found out bad weather can produce interesting abstract photos.

Week 25: Portrait

“ In t kafeetje ”
or in the little pub.
My subject is not a stranger but someone I had met before during art class. I had reached out to the participants to find someone and she volunteered. We met at her house where she has a little room decorated as an old fashioned Belgian pub stuffed with memorabilia.

Week 26: Negative space

“ On my way ”
A monochrome swimming duck in the river (with a hint of sepia)

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