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Oct 7, 2023 | Painting | 0 comments

School has started again.  September flew by as a whirlwind.  I decided my main intrest would go to producing two dimensional art since I was never really happy with my three dimensional creations.  So I am now taking introduction year 2 (together with one of my sons) and painting year 1.  The painting lessons will take 10 year so it is going to be interesting how my style and painting will evolve.

The first exercise in the initiation was to make a mixed media work with the title “What I take with me while travelling”.

We also went outside to paint two times: once with the painting group and once with the initiation group.  I can see the evolution in colours in the two works.  In the first I used a lot more of colour straight from the tube while in the second I started to blend the colours to look like the environment.

In painting class we worked on the theme of curves.  I worked on this sand painting for three consecutive weeks.

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