First steps in Visual Arts

Sep 7, 2022 | Drawing, Painting | 0 comments

first bleu scarf

Yesterday we had our first introduction and we were thrown in from the deep end.  There were a bunch of corn stalks scattered around the room and we were first asked to sketch them and then paint them in kids watercolor (using black, white, yellow, blue and pink).  I quite like my pencil drawing but the painted version is far from what I had in mind when starting it.  
I am curious to see what it will give in a year time of practicing.

 I have been thinking about enrolling in a watercolor paint course for a while now.  Unfortunately, the local one I thought of joining wasn’t scheduled first and then when it was, I could not get in because existing students were preferred.

So I went to a trial lesson for a two year training focusing on initiation in the different arts.  We will do drawing, painting, sculpting, pottery and so on.  I am so looking forward to it.





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