Knitting update August 2022

Aug 27, 2022 | Knitting | 0 comments

first bleu scarf

I am busy knitting two things right now.

My son wanted a hat for winter and it needed to be yellow. So, I went with the Sun in the city design.  I am almost midway.  It doesn’t feel to be too complicated but I have not started decreasing yet.

I also started knitting a summer sweater before we left on our trip.  I did not take it with me so there is still loads to do.  I have the front and back finished and am working on the first sleeve now.  I used the Capri sweater design from Filati in white.  I am just hoping it will be finished before summer is over.

My god child surprised me with this cool yarn bowl.  It makes working with the slippery Capri threads sooo much easier.




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