Knitting update September 2022

Sep 29, 2022 | Knitting | 0 comments

first bleu scarf

I abandoned the summer sweater project for now.  It is a relatively fine thread (I need to get hold of the definitions of thickness somewhere) and it would take me toooo long before I could finish it.  So I decided to put it aside for sometime in April or May.   I started to knit some wintery things instead.

I finished the yellow hat for junior.  I struggled in the end when going from circular knitting needles to sock needles at the top of the hat.  I dropped a stitch and hat to redo almost half.  I definitely need more practice there.

I started on a very fluffy sweater using Lana Grossa Brilliono yarn in gray/silver and Furry (lala Berlin) yarn in gray.  I finished the back and am more than halfway with the front so expect to finish it within a couple of weeks.

Since I like to switch between knits sometimes I also started to knit a short sleeved polo sweater (model is in Dutch only) using Cool Wool yarn in mottled lilac.  I only recently started it only have 5 cm of the back part.  Still quite a lot of knitting to do.

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