Lithography tryouts

May 18, 2023 | Visual arts | 0 comments

This month was all about lithography.  We got some lino sets and started carving during three lessons.  We were asked to get some photographs with a lot of lines and shapes and carve these into our mats.  

This was my first tryout.  The photo is from a bridge over the highway at the seaside.  We tried printing it several times but could not keep the paper from sliding that week.

This was my second cut.  I had wanted t do it with green ink but this was not possible.  I also inversed the carving inadvertedly.

For the third work, we used a different technique.  We scratched a carton , inked it and printed it.  In this way what we had scratched become the work rather than the omitted part as was done in the other two pieces.  It did not work out very well, the lining was very subtle.

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