Midsummer food 2022

Jun 24, 2022 | Food | 0 comments

Since living in Sweden we always celebrate Midsummer.  More information about Swedish solstice celebrations can be found here.  Getting the necessary food items in Belgium is not always easy but we try.

This year we first had drinks with nibbles which were not really Swedish followed by my take on a ‘räktårta’, a swdish shrimp cake. I have lost my original recipe or it is still in one of the many unopened moving boxes and had to try something using an internet recipe.  Taste wise it was ok but consistency was totally wrong.

Main course was salmon with asparagus, a fennel ornage salad and of course dill potoato salad.

Usually the desert is strawberry cake which I did not make myself this time.  I ran out of time and got one from our local shop.





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