Culinary notes on the 2022 summer trip to UK

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General eating out

Breakfast is usually served at the table sometimes in combination with a buffet for juices and breads.  The menu for egg dishes has a good selection but was in most cases a bit disappointing in freshness and taste.

We usually had snacks or sandwiches for lunch which were fresh and well prepared.

For dinner we had both hits and misses.  I recall a goat cheese mousse which not really seemed a mousse but just a whipped up piece of cheese, a roast duck salad with burnt orange which turned out to be a leaf of salad with some orange segments ands small bits of duck (no roast marks in sight) to an excellent Duo of New Season Lamb and a fabulous 30 Day Dry Aged Chateaubriand.


Tasting menus

We did go out to try a more extensive selection of cooking.

  •  Bovey Castle – chef Mark Budd 

Very enjoyable experience.  My favorite was the Brixham crab cannelloni while hubby raved about the Filet of Devonshire beef.  We did not take the suggested wine menu but had two excellent bottles from the Domaine Drouhin winery.  We both gave top marks to the Arthur chardonnay.

  • Fat Duck – chef Heston Blumenthal

Excellent!!!!! Dining there is an absolute treat.  Food wine pairing was spot on and both waiters and chefs took us on a very entertaining culinary journey.  We did not have a specific favorite dish of the evening because everything was sublime.  We both would love to repeat the experience.

  • Ikoyi – chef Jeremy Chan

Disappointing.  I had expected more from a two Michelin star restaurant. I have to admit it was the first time I tried African seasoning in dishes so I might just not be accustomed to some of the more subtle nuances.  For me the  flavors of several dishes seemed to be unbalanced with a strong accent on the sweet.  We also felt the suggested drinks menu did not compliment the dishes.

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