November 2022 visual arts sessions

Nov 20, 2022 | Drawing | 0 comments

I missed a couple of lessons so will stop writing about weeks in my drawing posts.  I will just tell you about the works we created during the lessons.

I needed to catch up so continued the white on black drawing which was a study of the different shapes and forms a simple object can take when twisting it around.  I was a bit hesitant about starting it but found the result quite satisfying.  Because I was doing this I could not join in working on the first charcoal drawing with the group.  They did a study of a simple still life of some pots and jugs.

My first drawing in charcoal was a study on drapes which I found really difficult.  It probably did not help that I was too late to make some studies in pencil and had to work with charcoal from the start.  

Next we did a bit of a reverse charcoal drawing.  We filled the background with black and erased the lines to create a drawing.  We had to depict a building or detail of a building.  I was inspired by a photograph I took from the corridors in the Citadel de Namur, a fort in the french speaking part of our country.

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