One success and a couple of mishaps

Jul 12, 2022 | Knitting | 0 comments

first bleu scarf


The poncho is finished and I think it looks cool!



I wanted to continue knitting so I was looking for another project.  That did not go easy.

  1.  I had another look at the Garnstudio site and found a top I liked: Citrus Sun.  I ordered the skeins Drops Safran in a lovely shade of sage green.  When they arrived I noticed I had not looked at the sizing so I had too few skeins.  Oops.
  2.  I looked for other projects and discovered the Filati site where I found several lovely items I wanted to knit.  I picked the BACCA shirt using the BACCA yarn in silver gray.  I started knitting but could not understand the instructions.  The knitting was based on the repetition of two stitches and I needed to make several one stich increments.  I think I am still too novice a knitter because I could not figure out how to do it.  So the untouched skeins were returned which was not a problem.
  3.  I was looking for another top since my first option failed. So when I spotted the TERRA top I knew I wanted to try and knit it.   I loved the terracotta color.  When the skeins arrived I  started knitting the test square but found the result to be very translucent.  To get the feel of the knitting I wanted I had to go down several needle sizes.  This would mean I would need a lot more skeins of the same batch.  Guess what?  Not available.   



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