Sculptural art: further exploring

Feb 15, 2023 | Drawing, Visual arts | 0 comments

We experimented with sculptures using plaster pouring.  We used a cardboard box as a container and formed a structure in it from clay.  Afterwards we poured plaster in our construction and left it to dry.  Apparently plaster gets warm when it is dried out so we were all checking the temperature of our creations.  Last step was removing the clay and unveiling the piece.

The next project was working with paper mash.  This was a first for me since I never tried it as a kid.  Our inspirational artist was Niki de Saint Phalle’s nanas.  I struggled with this for some weeks.  I could not connect with the way women were portrayed.  My final form was half a woman with a snake in her hair but I felt it was not very much related tot the work of Niki.

The teacher told us we could also have a look at her drawings and see if we found inspiration there,  As soon as I saw her little litograph “Nana aux Fleurs” I knew I would use as inspiration for a drawing.

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