Watercolour flower still lives attempts

Dec 11, 2022 | Painting | 0 comments

Second day trying out water colour paints.

Today we tried to paint some still life using a variety of flowers and vases we brought from home.  I had been out with a bad back so had to rely on items from my fellow students.

My first try was a pewter little vase with a hydrangea bulb.  I went with a wet on wet feel for the flower which I found to work out nicely.  But as the teacher remarked: you can hardly see it is a flower.  She suggested to go for a more layered approach in the next one. 

So my second try was a glas vase with loads of greenery a sprig of little pink flowers and an aster.  I got the remark my leaves were too blue so tried very hard to fix that.  I was not happy with the result but could not put my finger on it why.  After sleeping on it I realized it was just too two dimensional. 

I had another try at home.  I looked up a photo online of a glass vase with a single flower and tried to reproduce it.  I am definetly happier with it but do realize I have a long practice road ahead.

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