Watercolour update (after holidays struggles)

Nov 23, 2023 | Painting | 0 comments

I have not posted as frequently as I would have liked to.  Partly because life is just hectic right now, partly because not being satisfied at all with my try outs.  These are the watercolours in chronological order.

I first tried to draw a flower, bird of paradise which I liked but then I added the splatter which I regretted instantly.  I did not feel it fitted the image in retrospect.

 While working on the flower I also made this little work of the Matterhorn with which I was quite happy. 

Next week I tried a seascape.  I struggled a lot with the rock part in the bottom.  I even tried it a second time.  SInceI am not happy with it, I will probably try to do it again.

Next week I tried some leaves.  One of those came out nicely.

Last thing I tried was a view from around were I lived in Sweden for a while. The teacher made some adjustments to it. I feel  frustrated because of this and the fact that I rushed it too much and used too much water.

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