Week 2 and 3 in Visual arts training 2022

Sep 21, 2022 | Painting | 0 comments

first bleu scarf

In week 2 we focused on the primal color red.  We brought a red bell pepper and painted it in acryl paint which was quite a bit diluted with water (at least 50%) which makes it a bit hard to make the colors blend.  Before we started we colored the background with bistre.  Bistre is a brownish-yellow pigment made from the soot of burnt wood which unfortunately fades with sunlight.

In week 3 we brought some plants to the classroom and made some exercises on seeing shapes by painting the outline of an object with ink: first a series of white on black and then one of black on white.  It was interesting to see the different paintings on a line up.  I don’t have permission to show them but here are my results.

We started on creating a painting in green (the complimentary color of red) of the plants too but I could not finish this yet so will show it next time.



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